Language learning

Quick language tip – instruction manuals

foreign language instruction manualWith Christmas tomorrow, a lot of people are going to wake up to new electronics and the like. Chances are, these were made for companies who trade in lots of different countries and – see where I’m going with this? – in lots of different languages.

If you’re learning a popular language like Spanish chances are you’ll be able to utilise this idea. Sometimes you’ll find more obscure languages, so try your luck. Instruction manuals can have pretty specialised vocabulary sometimes, so they’re an excellent way to improve this area.

Give the instructions in your target language a go before you look at the English version. You’ll learn some new words as you’re exposing yourself to the language – what better way to sneak some language practice into a hectic day?

And the best part? If you get lost you’ve got a full English translation right there. It’s fool-proof!

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow! Merry Christmas!


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