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Wednesday Word – Boxing Day

Okay, so this week’s Wednesday Word is two words. Today is Boxing Day here in Australia, and I believe in most Commonwealth countries. The term originated in England in the 1800s, but the exact origin is unknown. What is known is that people would give presents to their equals on Christmas Day and the lower classes the next day, but that doesn’t explain exactly where the ‘Boxing’ part came from.

There are two main theories that come up when talking about Boxing Day and its origin. One is that on Christmas Day, servants would have to work so the next day they would be given a box of gifts and leftover food to take home and celebrate with their families. The other is that people would give tradesmen a Christmas gift in the days after Christmas as a thank you for their work during the year.

Either way, Boxing Day has become a day of leftovers, cricket, big sales and not doing a whole lot. I’m doing a bit of all those things today! Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Word – Boxing Day

  1. This was an educational post for me as I’m a huge fan of “Upstairs, Downstairs” and “Downton Abbey”, as well as football! So, when the EPL has all these matches on “Boxing Day” I never knew until now what it meant! It all makes sense and I’m happy to know, that all the servants had a day to celebrate Christmas!

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