About Lingual Life – a language blog

Lingual Life is a blog all about learning languages. If you’re looking for language learning tips, inspiration for your language learning journey, or news about languages, you’ve come to the right place. Have a look around and I’m sure you’ll find something for you.

Thinking about starting a new language? You might like to see this article about choosing a language to learn, or this one about why it’s a great idea to learn a new language.

Are you already doing well with your language? Check out this post about tricks for sounding more like a native speaker, or you might like this one about overcoming our nerves and talking to native speakers of your second language.

About Liv – the author

Hi, I’m Liv. I’m a student from Melbourne, Australia who is living and studying in Brisbane. I tried to find a degree that encompassed what I love most and I think I found it – I’m doing a Bachelor of International Studies. I could do with a little less politics and a little more linguistics, but overall I’m loving it.

I started this blog because the people I know in real life were getting sick of me always trying to start conversations on what language I wanted to learn or bugging them about why they weren’t learning one. This way I can talk all about it and you, my lovely readers who are interested in this, won’t tell me to shut up.


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